open Anti-Virus Technologies

“How do I keep my customers and employees safe?”

This is a great question that all business owners and managers should ask themselves, but especially now. The Coronavirus pandemic has rocked the entire world, and life as we know it will be changed forever – including the way we operate our businesses, offices and facilities. Are you prepared?

Anti-Virus Technologies

Let us help you keep your business safe with Anti-Virus Technologies!

Interested in the ways you can protect your business from the spread of germs, bacteria and even viruses? By working side by side with innovators and healthy living products since 2004, EcoInventions is pleased to announce our newest division, AVT – created specifically with your business in mind!


From the air you breathe, surfaces you touch to the water you drink – bacteria and viruses are lingering in all places and spaces – and could easily be putting the health of your customers and employees at risk!

Whether you own or operate a salon, spa, fitness center, daycare, medical office or even a coffee shop, we have solutions and programs ready to fit the needs of your business, and put the safety of your guests first!

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