Personal Air Purification

Shield yourself from airborne bacteria, viruses and pollutants with the new E-PureAir


​”​I never leave home without it and I know I can breathe safely in any situation where I am stuck in an enclosed space with strangers”

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Protect Your Breathing Space from Viruses and Bacteria​

Create your own personal contaminant barrier with E-PureAir™ Air Purifier. This ultra light weight, wearable unit propels cleaner, fresher and healthier air into your personal breathing zone, protecting you from airborne bacteria and pollutants. Backed by a decade of advanced research, E-PureAir comes with a solid platinum emitter and stainless steel grid to emit a refreshed discharge of purified air that will follow you and protect your breathing space wherever you go!

E-PureAir™ creates a

9 Foot Safety Zone

around you to help combat against dust, mold spores, smoke, allergens, odors and viruses that linger in the air you breathe.


E-PureAir™ Benefits

• Rechargeable up to 28 hours of run time
• Helps fight away airborne bacteria and viruses
• Easy to Use – Just charge it up and turn it on
• Maintenance Free – requires no filters or batteries
• Thousands of Positive Reviews
• Patented Technology
• Safe for air travel
• Destroys pollutants as small as .04 microns


How Does​ E-PureAir™ Work?​

E-Pure Air technology generates an intense electrostatic ion wind that charges floating particles in the breathing zone. The particles are then electrostatically repelled away from the wearer substantially creating a particle free exclusion zone for toxic pollutants and contaminants in the air around you. Perfumes and odors are also minimized by E-Pure’s powerful ionization effect.


Virus and Bacteria Shield

Leading health studies for E-PureAir™ technology have confirmed significant and substantial reductions of airborne breathable particles in from .04 to 3 microns in size – the size of most viruses and bacteria!

Superior Performance

See how E-PureAir compares to other purifiers


There’s no better time than now to experience E-PureAir™

Breathe Confidently Again!