Make Holiday Travel Safer

Make Holiday Travel Safer

When you are at home, you can exert fairly comprehensive control over your environment. Investing in an air purification system for your home might be a good place to start. You can also purchase certain products or home goods that won’t release toxins into the air (as well as certain things that will release wonderful aromas – like a roasting turkey or a pumpkin pie fresh from the oven!). 

But what about when you leave the house?

Holiday Travel Traditions

Travel has always been a big part of the Thanksgiving holiday. In fact, last year Travel Pulse reported that, the Sunday after Thanksgiving was the busiest travel day on record for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). 

“The agency screened a record-breaking number of travelers during the Thanksgiving holiday,” the website says. “In celebration of the achievement, the TSA compiled a list of the busiest travel days in the history of the agency, with Sunday, December 1 topping the list with 2,870,764 travelers screened.”

Holiday Travel in 2020

Of course, due to Covid-19 this year’s numbers won’t be breaking any records (unless, perhaps, you’re talking about the fewest number of travelers over the Thanksgiving weekend).

Public health experts are recommending that we all limit this year’s Thanksgiving celebrations to the people in our household. 

If you feel you absolutely must travel this holiday season, or if your work requires you to travel, there are steps you can take to try to minimize the risk, including choosing the airline you book your flight on with care. 

As the New York Times recently reported, “Among the four largest carriers in the United States, including American, Southwest and United, that leaves only Delta Air Lines committed to leaving its middle seats open during the holidays, now through Jan. 6.”

 Even if getting on a plane seems like an acceptable risk, you will also need to be concerned about staying safe while you spend time in airports waiting to board or rushing to make a connection. Will you need to get a cab or do you think your chances are betting with trusting a driver from Uber or Lyft? 

For some, the Fit Air Personal Air Purifier from Air Dog might be the solution. Or you could surprise Grandma with the gift of an air purification system for her home that will help keep everyone safe. 

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