Airdog™ X8 Purifier


30A solution to your homes air quality is now a reality with Airdog™. First developed for some of the world’s most polluted areas – Airdog is now available as the most portable & powerful air purifier on the market!

The Airdog X8 is a fastest and most powerful Airdog™ product for superior air purification. With up to 470 CFMs, it moves dirty air through its filtration quickly, making it capable of cleaning the air of a 1000 square foot space in just 20 minutes!

Size: 30 (H) x 15 (L) x 15 (W) inches
Item Weight: 43.5 pounds
Noise Level: <63 dB
Power: 100-220v

Warranty – 1 Year Included with Purchase

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Weight54 lbs
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