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“It’s really such a great addition to our home as well as greater peace of mind during these fires.”
– Donna D. (Airdog Customer)

“Love these! With three cats, I need them!”
– David H. (Airdog Customer)

“I suffer from chronic Hayfever and must stay that after the first hour of running the Airdog, my symptoms have reduced considerably!”
– Anonymous (Airdog Customer)


This hotel has implemented the use of Airdog X8 into their lobby space, and also uses X5 into their rooms to keep the air fresh and clean for their guests.

“I enjoy using it and feel it has offered me a level of protection other alternative products cannot come close to. Thank you.”
– Jonathan O (Airdog Customer)

“We have used the Airdog X5 for over a week now and for the first time in 6 months, my wife is sleeping through the night and awakening without any allergy symptoms. It’s remarkable”
– James H (Airdog Customer)

“We have *competitor* towers in our other house. They don’t hold a candle to the Air Dog, although they are effective, and the *competitor* requires expensive disposable filters which of course the Air Dog does not.”
– Anonymous (Airdog Customer)


Tumon Sands Plaza in Guam is a high end shopping and entertainment plaza that is using Airdog products throughout their property and storefronts to keep their customers safe.

“Loving this… Helps me sleep allergy free every night. Easy to clean and maintain.”
– Michael N. (Airdog Customer)

“Seeing the certifications and proof that Airdog destroys the flu virus was enough for me. Anything to keep my family healthy is worth it. I love my Airdog!”
– Darcy B. (Airdog Customer)

Airdog loves our Frontline workers!

Dr. Cornell Calinescu and his Las Vegas hospital team use Airdog’s FitAir personal purifier during these unprecidented times! Using their devices, these dorctors an walk around more freely and tend to patients more efficiently.


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